Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holy Update Batman!

Why hello everyone! It's been months since I've updated this thing. Needless to say, a lot of things have changed since I last posted. I think I mentioned that I was starting a new job - my first big girl/adult job. I started back in the end of August, went through some orientation, then was thrown into the fray of being off orientation. Luckily all have gone well and I feel I've been handling all the changes fairly well. It's really a great amount of stress, but it's helped me to learn a lot about myself and start paying off those damn student loans. It's a relief to finally start getting those out of the way.

I still knit and crochet, just not nearly as much as I was before I started having a job. I have less free time, obviously. I joined the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup group on ravelry (yes, I am a super dork). This allowed me some incentive on starting and finishing projects. Each month there are "classes" and you have to make projects as "assignments" to get points for your house. I was sorted into the house of Slytherin and the people in the group are very nice. They are funny and made my first year (which was only 3 months, whatever) enjoyable. There are three semesters per year and each semester = one year. So I'll be a second year starting in January. Here are some of my assignments from this semester. These were completed from September - November:

The Beatnik Hat

Slytherin Snake Toy (for the kitties). It looks slightly phallic, but that was completely unintentional...

Sparty Dishcloth - A new design that is available for free under my rav name canadiadry :D

Sweet Eleanor hat using my hand dyed yarn from forever ago

Hand dyed yarn using kool-aid and wiltons - colors based off Michigan Autumn colors (really proud of this one!)

Squiddy, the squid cat toy. I tent to default to cat toys when I'm drawing a blank on assignments.

Some corded cat toys

A "Dirty Dishes Suck" dishcloth and two "chinese waves" dishcloths (bottom). Unfortunately the words on the "Dirty Dishes Suck" cloth don't show up well in pics.

A paw print dishcloth

Three felted mice (no I wasn't kidding about defaulting to cat toys)

A knitted Christmas ornament for my sister

And, lastly, some malabrigo thuja socks for the boyfriend. Obviously the socks are too big for my feet, but you get the idea.

I have a few more projects in the works, but I'll post them (maybe? hopefully?) within a few months, hahahaha. I also will most likely be making my first sweater (GASP!) in January. $5 in Paris sweater knit along for the win! Hopefully by knitting with others, I can finish it in a reasonable amount of time!

That's all for this post, I guess. I can babble about my job, but it's basically busy and stuff. I act professional for about 40 hours a week, then come home and fart around on the internets for a while. I even see friends sometimes when I'm not working!

And I'll eventually get back to the doublevision blanket. I promise...

I leave you with a pic if Izzy. I know you're all excited about it ;)

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