Sunday, June 20, 2010

Animals, More animals, and Some Knitting

ALRIGHT! I'm back from another busy week of doing crazy things. This time it was in Atlanta, where my sister is currently moving to. She accepted a job there and needed help looking for apartments. They definitely call Atlanta the nickname of Hotlanta for a reason - an average high of 95 degrees + humidity the time I was down there! Whew!

I got a lot of knitting done in the car rides on the way there and back (yes we drove from Michigan to Atlanta). I got to make a stop at the zoo and get some neat pictures while I was there.

One of the best things about Zoo Atlanta: they have pandas! They're only one of four US zoos to have them. This is the momma panda, Lun Lun.

And here's the baby panda, Xi Lan! These pandas are probably some of the cutest things I have ever seen.

Also, they had a demonstration on training. They used otters to show how training can help in daily routines with animals. I knew this before, but it's really neat to see, of all things, otters doing little tricks with their trainers.

I also thought the turtles and snakes were really cool :)

I have a funny video of a gorilla catching food from a trainer, but unfortunately I can't figure out how to rotate the video :(. Oh well. It was a very wonderful day at the zoo!

Now it's time to discuss the results of the crazy long car ride to and from Georgia. On the way to our destination, I finished the 6th out of 12 squares I'm making to put together as a blanket! They're turning out very well so far and I can't wait to do some more squares.

On the way back home, I started on a sock (the pattern: Thuja) and got pretty far with it.

Opie approves, also.

Yes, He's actually in mid-meow in this second picture.

He's such a charmer... :P


  1. Yay for zoos with Pandas - I'm in one of those cities (DC). And yay for six (!!!) sampler blanket blocks finished - that must've been one heck of a car ride!

  2. Yes, the pandas were adorable!

    Haha I actually only did 1.25 squares in the car. The other ones were done before! That's be AWESOME if it were possible to knit that fast ;)