Monday, April 19, 2010

Alphablanket and Other Craft-Like Things

Oh noes! I haven't posted in a while! Also, I didn't realize I was receiving comments. I don't know what's up with that, I'll try to fix that. I've been up to a few craft things, of course. CAUTION: This is a picture-packed post (yay, alliteration?)! One of the big things I made was this ABC crochet blanket.

This took a while to make (almost a month) and I think it turned out well. Some of the letters don't "pop out" too well, but it was fun to make. That being said, it was a lot of work for a charity blanket. Although I enjoy making things for charity, I feel I would use this blanket to give to a friend rather than make to give away. I feel that I could use my time to make things that would be quicker and easier to create than spend a lot of my time on one blanket.

I've also been busy making a few more things to donate to Pine Ridge Reservation. These will all go in my second shipment that I will (hopefully) be able to send soon. These include a crocheted blanket that I made around the same time as the alphabet blanket. I worked on this mostly when I got sick of the ABC's and everything involved with that. Here's the other blanket:

And a close up picture...

I also dyed some more yarn! I feel geeked out about it all, but it's so much fun! I dyed some more Paton's wool with cherry and orange kool aid. Watch out - picture overload coming up!

These first two pictures are of the yarn immediately after I got done dyeing it. The first picture is right out of the microwave with the yarn still in a ziploc bag (yep, I microwave it to help the kool aid not bleed out of it later!).

These next pictures are of the yarn wound up into a ball, then wound into a hank. The hank is a way to help display the colors they way they would blend in a pattern.

BUT OF COURSE, the point of yarn is to make things, so I made this into another "baby bag" for LOWO.

And then, some pictures to compare the first bag to the second one.

So many pictures! Hope I didn't blow up anyone's computer. Also, don't forget to feed my fish over to the left with a mouse click. They're getting hungry ;).