Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Indoturtle and a Sweater

Recently, my friend Diana left for Indonesia with the Peace Corps on March 15th. She's going to be gone for 27 months. As a going away present, I made her a small little "talisman" that she could take along and take pictures of in random places. The first update a few days ago was that Indoturtle (and Diana, of course) are enjoying their new location and home on the other side of the world. They have a nice picturesque view of the local volcano (eek!) and some beautiful mountains.

He's made with red and white colors because these are the colors of the Indonesian flag (which is red on top and white on the bottom). Hopefully there will be plenty of adventures for Diana and updates from Indoturtle (lol) in the future.

I finally finished a project I had been working on which was a baby sweater made from fingering weight yarn. I won the yarn from a type of contest called the Ravelympics. It was basically an event that took place during the time of the 2010 Winter Olympics where each participant had to challenge themselves in their crafting. I ended up making a buttload of projects in the short time of the Vancouver Olympics (mostly hats, but some other things, too).

Anyway, the sweater is made from super thin fingering weight yarn that takes much longer to work with using much smaller needles. I didn't like the colors at first (made me think of too much rainbow-like colors making it look possibly "clown barf"ish). Fortunately, I was just worrying too much and the finished product turned out really nicely and the pattern (not my project) was even mentioned in the next newsletter of the Threadbear Fiber Arts Studio in Lansing because I shared it with the Threadbear group on Ravelry. I'll donate it to LOWO on behalf of Bundles of Joy since I don't know any babies that I could give it to, haha. Oh well.

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