Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kool Aid Art, Ghana, and Disability

As I mentioned in my last post, I dyed some yarn with Kool Aid. I made it into a little sleep sack that can be used for a baby. I was happy with the finished product.

I really like the color variations in the bag and how the lighter colors seem to "wrap around" the bag. The yarn is 100% wool, so that will be nice for someone to use. I'll include this in the next box I send.

Recently I've been on a sort of documentary kick. I get them from Netflix because there are TONS of them available from the website and I really enjoy watching these informational films. One that I recently watched was called "Emmanuel's Gift" about a Ghanian man who was born with a deformed leg. This caused him to be labeled as "disabled" which is, in many ways, viewed as sub-human in the country of Ghana even though as many as 10% of the population is disabled in some way. Through hard work, a supportive family, and refusing to succumb to the plight of the many disabled people in Ghana who have to resort to begging, he was able to bike ride across the country to raise awareness about disability. This led to a trip to the United States and a subsequent surgery to allow him to be fitted for a prosthesis. Withing a few weeks of the surgery, he participated in a triathlon relay. He helped to change the plight of people in his home country by giving disabled people wheelchairs and change perspectives of the common people. It was an empowering film and really brought to light how much perspective can affect a person or group of people.

I also heard about the story of Nick Vujicic who was born without arms and legs. He's a motivational speaker who's only 25 years old and has a following all over the world. There are many videos on youtube about him, but mainly he speaks about his experience and how perspective is very powerful. "Attitude is altitude". He stated that he didn't see having no arms as no legs as a big disability. He defines the word "disability" as something that stops you from doing what you want to do. One of the most interesting things he said is that the biggest disability to everyone is their mind. I thought that was a very big statement. He talks about being thankful for what you have and your opportunites rather than focus on what you can't do. The videos are very inspiring and leave you feeling better. It's refreshing.

On a completely unrelated note, I just realized today that the cereal "Froot Loops" was spelled "FROOT Loops" and not "FRUIT Loops"! For some reason, this completely blows my mind. I don't think I realized the misspelling of "fruit" because I was always distracted by the delicious looking cereal o's that replaced the actual o's on the package. Whatever. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around it.

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